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Building expansion
by Brittney Berg
The Arc is looking to expand the facility to take on a greater number of members and programs to better serve the community.
Goal: $35,000.00
0% Funded

Give a Veteran a Service Dog
We are currently working with some labradoodles and other pups training them to work with issues that many of our veterans are dealing with. Some issues such as PTSD, mobility due to injuries, other mental health and medical issues. The dogs would be trained to deal with the issues to veteran present with. We currently have two veterans waiting for a dog that live on limited funds. Our goal is to provide a dog that is trained, vaccinated, spayed or Neutered, harness or collar and leash, and the first months food for the dogs. One dog has been placed with a veteran and is doing very well. We will be looking to place more and will still be raising funds to do so
Goal: $8,000.00
1% Funded