by Eileen Bagnall
Since 1998 ARTabilityAZ has provided Arizona's with disabilities the chance to participate in the arts. Their provide Audio Description, ASL Interpretation, Braille, Captioning, and Large print services for arts organizations in Arizona. As the Executive Director of ARTabilityAZ I have seen the impact we have made and the lives it's changed. Give today to keep us creating access to the arts.
Goal: $250.00
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Summer Ag Institute Scholarship
To further our impact and spread the wealth of knowledge that comes from the land and the people who work with it, our goal is to sponsor teachers to participate in the Summer Agricultural Institute, run by the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences - Cooperative Extension. This five-day program is an intensive course for teachers in how to more effectively bring agricultural literacy into the classroom. Diablo Trust has participated in the program as a guest presenter for a number of years, and has supported teachers participating in this program in the past - this year we want to do it again! We hope to raise enough money to support at least three teachers in the program!

Read about the program from the three teachers whom we supported in 2017:
Goal: $375.00
7% Funded

Bringing the Bard to Flagstaff Since 2015
by Julie Hammonds
Seeing "Hamlet" when I was 16 changed my life. The guy who played Hamlet was a hunk, for one thing. But it's been decades since that day, and the power of poetry and the pure, visceral impact of theater still move me. I'm raising money for the Flagstaff Shakespeare Festival on AZ Gives Day because I want other kids (and adults) to have access to Shakespeare, performed with gusto and gumption, right here at home.
Goal: $250.00
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Director of Outreach
by Amy McDonald
At Saving One Life, we believe that a TNR, trap-neuter-release, program is part of the solution to the overpopulation of felines in Maricopa County. Last year, we committed to this change with our Snip and Tip program. With Maricopa County being number two in the country for euthanasia, we would like to help solve this devastating statistic. The generous community members that help feed feral colonies don't always have the resources to spay and neuter these animals. Female cats can reproduce two to three times a year, and their kittens, if they survive, will become feral without early contact with people. Cats can become pregnant as early as 5 months of age, and the number of cats rapidly increases without intervention by caring people. Example: A pair of breeding cats, which can have two or more litters per year, can exponentially produce 420,000 offspring over a seven-year period. We are collaborating with other TNR organizations to make a large impact in the increasing feral colonies in our county. Your donation will help assist those in the community needing help trapping and financial assistance with spay/neuter.
Goal: $5,000.00
1% Funded

Give the Gift of Swift
by Mike Evans
Give the gift of Swift!
Goal: $5,000.00
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Love Them Back To Life
Addiction affects every part of our community. You can help an individual or family in recovery today!

Our goal for AZ Gives Day 2017 is to help 10 Teen Challenge Students (program participants) receive one month of sponsorship through the generosity and support of our local community.

Teen Challenge of Arizona has been serving in the community for over 50 Years, providing the Help and Hope that youth, adults and families need to overcome the devastating results of addiction, and Begin New Lives:
- Every day, we work with mothers and their children who need a safe place to recover, and begin learning how to care for each other and live as a family.
- We help men overcome harmful habits, and begin to understand what it means to live with integrity and become contributing members of society.
- And, we lovingly guide adolescent girls through crisis, while discovering their true value in their families and encouraging them to make wise decisions with their lives.

You can help save a life and be an encouragement by sharing your faith, love and financial support with your sponsored student. As a monthly sponsor of $40 per month, you'll receive:
- Monthly newsletters from your student
- A photograph of the student you're helping
- A personal invitation and VIP seating to your student's graduation
- Opportunities for you to write and encourage your student
- Tax receipts for your monthly support

When you sign up as a monthly sponsor, we'll send you a welcome kit introducing you to your sponsored student. Be assured that your support of any amount will make a Big Impact in the lives of those we are serving and in our community!

Thank You for Loving Them Back To Life!
Goal: $18,000.00
6% Funded