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Pennies from Heaven

I am asking once again for your help. Imagine needing a service dog for your daily functional ability to live on your own and not depend on other people for help all the time, not living in fear of the "what ifs" and so much more. Now imagine needing this animals but living on an income so little that your rent takes most of your income...This fund is to help those people get those animals and train them with us or an affiliate at little or no cost to them. We need to rebuild this fund and every little amount you can offer, we are eternally grateful for. Please help

We are asking that individuals consider donating "loose change" through a simple donation for rebuilding our scholarship fund which is utilized to help individuals with the cost of their service dogs training expenses, A simple donation of $5.00 per person would aid in rebuilding this fund,
We have created the Suzanne J. Perry scholarship fund in honor of our founding member and staff. Sue who always went above and beyond to help others, even offering the clothes off her back if she felt others needed it more. Sue and Kelley created this fund to help members who could not afford all necessary supplies or equipment for training. The fund allows for the discounts offered to members on training and other fees. Sue passed on 6/6/2016 and this fund is her legacy "to always help others who need it or were less fortunate. If you would like to donate…you can visit our webpage and click the donation link or send a check to Rainbow Service Dogs Inc, with the Suzanne J. Perry Fund written in the notes on check

Goal: $3,000.00
0% Funded

Give a Veteran a Service Dog
We are currently working with some labradoodles and other pups training them to work with issues that many of our veterans are dealing with. Some issues such as PTSD, mobility due to injuries, other mental health and medical issues. The dogs would be trained to deal with the issues to veteran present with. We currently have two veterans waiting for a dog that live on limited funds. Our goal is to provide a dog that is trained, vaccinated, spayed or Neutered, harness or collar and leash, and the first months food for the dogs.
Goal: $8,000.00
1% Funded

AZ Phil Chamber Music Series
by Kimberly Sullivan
Help us provide chamber music to Prescott, lifelong learning, and high school students

Arizona Philharmonic is launching a chamber music series, Each concert is designed to engage the audience with fabulous music and personal stories from the musicians about their art. The series highlights groups that use Arizona Philharmonic musicians.

Tied in with each concert are OLLI classes for folks 50 years or older and student lunch concerts at Prescott High School.
Goal: $2,000.00
1% Funded

Youth Composing for Orchestra
by Henry Flurry
Help Arizona Philharmonic introduce area youth to composing for orchestra.

In today's American culture, many people do not see themselves as musicians, let alone composers. Arizona Philharmonic's Constellation to Composition project is a collaboration with Prescott's Jim and Linda Lee Planetarium that puts into the hands of Prescott youth students the power of composition and the thrill of collaboration toward a common artistic goal.

AZ Phil's goal is to engage 320 youth from Prescott Unified School District, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club, and Boys to Men in this opportunity to compose in small groups with real-time feedback of their orchestral scores. A number of these works will be performed by Arizona Philharmonic in May 2020.

Imagine the thrill of writing music that sounds like it is from a movie!
Goal: $5,000.00
21% Funded

Flamenco Concerto Soloists
by Maria Flurry
¡Ole! Help bring flamenco couple Chris and Lena Jacome to Prescott for their performance with Arizona Philharmonic.

Chris Jacome is an award winning flamenco guitarist, composer, and recording artist based in Phoenix. He and his wife perform both across the United States and in Spain, where Chris received his flamenco training.

Chris Jacome worked with Henry Flurry to compose Impulso: Symphonic Dances for Marimba, Flamenco Guitar, and Dancer. This four-movement work was premiered in St. Louis, performed in Phoenix, but never performed in Prescott nor with a professional orchestra. The footwork and palmas of Lena are written as a percussion instrument in the concerto. The choreography of Lena's dances is by Lena, who was classically trained in modern dance before studying Flamenco. Marimbist Maria Flurry joins Chris and Lena as concerto soloist.

The story of the concerto is an arc of discovery, oppression, romance, and celebration of art. The composers drew much of their inspiration from the rich history of the flamenco artists of Spain. The excitement of the work has led each of the audiences to standing ovations.
Goal: $2,500.00
0% Funded

Full Circle Fundraiser
by Jill Rackle
Full Circle is a ministry that supports young people facing a multitude of different addiction issues. This program has been a life saver for my son and our family as we navigate through issues that we have been ill prepared to deal with. It offers support and education for teens and families and encourages kids to stick with winners in order to move forward in their lives.
Goal: $400.00
91% Funded

Summer Reading Program
by Sybil Malinowski Melody
Raising funds for Clark Memorial Library's 2019 Summer Reading Program. Please help the Friends of Clark Memorial Library on Arizona Gives Day this Tuesday, April 2, 2019, so we can have an awesome program for our kids this summer. Donations accepted through June 28, 2019.
Goal: $500.00
5% Funded

Refugee Student Fundraiser
by Emily Macaluso
Help our students reach their full potential with your donation! We're asking for $1,000 from our supporters to enable our students to buy school supplies, take educational field trips, and experience hands-on learning.

On a normal tutoring night, our program supports between 15 and 30 students all from different countries including, Syriah, Iraq, Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, and Guatemala. This diverse group inspires connections and creates new outlets for conversation, discovery, and understanding.

Our goal is to expose our students to as many opportunities as possible to enhance their understanding of how to navigate their lives in the United States, specifically through education and other forms of learning experiences.

Our tutoring services provide guidance in Math, English, Science, History, and College Prep through the help of amazing volunteers that also make-up a diverse group of leaders. To blow off steam, we also have an hour of optional recreational activities where the students show off their skills in soccer and basketball.

Along with tutoring and homework help, our program provides field trips to conferences, hiking destinations, and the local community college and university.

We also invite guests from the community to lead dance classes, promote safe driving, and work to enable post-graduation opportunities.
Goal: $1,000.00
181% Funded

STEM Educational Program for K-12
by Mary Jones
Our project is developed to promote & meet the needs of children/youth leadership and employment skills in the STEM field for individuals with disabilities. Your donation would be used to support the community & students with learning supplies. Supplies include Wiki stick STEM packs, STEM books, table/chairs, classroom keepers/ activity trays, engineering design, process journal, engineering design process mats, group materials, paper arts, craft sticks, power clix building sets, Chalk boards, computers, & stick-A-Round materials. Our goal is to reach $ 100,000 donor contacts, intend to purchase with the money received. Giving opens the way for receiving.
Goal: $100,000.00
0% Funded

Campaign for Undeserved Minorities Women & Girls
Raising money for May 25, 2019 event for k-12 STEM students. The primary focus on this fundraising campaign is increasing diversity on both women and minorities girls in the STEM field, fueled by a chilling sentiment among students at young ages that believes science, technology, & Math is not for me. All money will go towards books, informal education, such as camps & after-school STEM programs, STEM equipment & curriculum activities. With the help of your donations, will ensure that disadvantaged students graduate, enter college, & have access to future jobs & competitive pay. Giving opens the way for receiving.
Goal: $5,000.00
0% Funded

Building expansion
by Brittney Berg
The Arc is looking to expand the facility to take on a greater number of members and programs to better serve the community.
Goal: $35,000.00
0% Funded