Arizona Gives Day participants have a chance to win a portion of $175,000 in prize money this year...more than 90 opportunities actually. All prize winners will be verified and confirmed before making final announcements. Some winners will not be determined until Arizona Gives Day has ended. Note that the prize winner standings as currently published are preliminary and, while unlikely to change, are subject to final confirmation/certification by the program organizers as stated in the official rules before being identified as "final".

The table below shows the amount raised for each nonprofit that qualifies toward leaderboard prizes. It may differ from the amount displayed on a nonprofit’s profile page due to the way Matching Grants are handled. As a nonprofit receives donations up to their Total Matching Grant Pool, the amount of those matching dollars is added to their profile page total, but not to the leaderboard totals because offline matching grants do not qualify for the Leaderboard prizes. In order to count matching grants toward leaderboard prizes, the nonprofit must actually deposit those matching funds through AZGives.org as a credit card or e-check transaction.


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