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Mesa Encore Theatre
The mission of Mesa Encore Theatre (MET) is to produce live theatre with integrity and dedication to excellence. We strive to contribute to the cultural experience of our community as well as provide fun and educational opportunities that nurture the talents of local theatre artists of all ages.

Our Mission is to empower individuals and families affected by behavioral health conditions to achieve a healthy and meaningful life through the use of recovery-based community services and our shared experiences.

Friends of Saguaro National Park
Founded in 1996, Friends of Saguaro National Park is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit fundraising partner of the National Park Service, created to help protect wildlife and habitat, preserve cultural resources, promote environmental education, improve recreational trails, enhance visitor experiences, and build environmental stewardship at Saguaro National Park.

Watershed Management Group
Watershed Management Group (WMG) develops community-based solutions to ensure the long-term prosperity of people and health of the environment. We provide people with the knowledge, skills, and resources for sustainable livelihoods.

Arizona Justice Project
"To seek justice for the innocent and the wrongfully imprisoned - the marginalized and forgotten of Arizona's criminal justice system."

Altered Tails
Our mission is to provide accessible and affordable, high-quality, spay/neuter services for companion animals and free-roaming cats. Our vision is to end euthanasia as a means of population control.

Southern Arizona Dream Center
OUR MISSION The Southern Arizona Dream Center's mission is to reconnect isolated people to God and a community of support by providing human services that address immediate and long-term needs in the areas of drug addiction and human trafficking. Our goal as of now is to raise enough money to build a location so we can reach those in need right where they are.

One Step Beyond, Inc.
To provide dynamic, responsive programs that engage the goals, talents, and interests of individuals with intellectual disability and empower them to achieve their dreams of optimal independence, enriching social networks, and effective participation in our community.

Laurens Institute for Education
Improving quality of life for people with developmental disabilities through specialized, caring, collaborative, and affordable services all under one roof.

WHEAT (World Hunger Education, Advocacy & Training)20391
The mission of WHEAT is to educate, advocate, engage and empower individuals to action in the fight against poverty and hunger. WHEAT focuses on the root causes of hunger and acts as a source and resource for individual and group involvement in programs and activities, working toward an end to hunger and poverty.

Eastside Neighbors Volunteer Program
Eastside Neighbors Volunteer Program, exists to provide Eastside Tucson Senior Citizens with services that will assist them to remain in their homes and live independently, safely, and with dignity.

HOPE's Mission is to deliver recovery-based community services using empathy from our own experience to ensure every individual achieves the most fulfilling life possible. HOPE's Vision is to create an environment that empowers Members to make their own choices about their recovery journey. The creation of HOPE's dynamic environment is based on the following: Peer and Family Member Feedback, Member Resiliency, Trauma Informed Care and Iniatives that Integrate Physical & Mental Health.

Lymphatic Research and Education Institute
To promote greater understanding of the lymphatic system's role in maintaining human health and prevention of disease through research and education.

Rainbow Acres
Rainbow Acres is a Christian community with heart that empowers persons with developmental disabilities to live to their fullest potential with dignity and purpose.

Arizona Small Dog Rescue
Arizona Small Dog Rescue is committed to rescuing dogs in need and caring for them until we find their perfect forever family. We focus on providing a safe environment where the health and welfare of the dogs is our top priority.