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Diana Gregory Outreach Services
The mission of Diana Gregory Outreach Services is to enrich lives through healthy eating. We do this by providing access to fresh produce to low-income seniors, veterans and vulnerable individuals who are experiencing health disparities. Services focus on nutrition and fitness through on-site farmers' markets, and educational programs.

Kind to Nature
Providing information and assistance to people who care about animals and nature and to work with the community to help the birds and animals that share our urban neighborhoods with special emphasis on help and compassion for feral cats and other at-risk animals.

Pearce Family Foundation
The Pearce Family Foundation is a public 501 C3 non-profit charity that exists to provide needed financial assistance, mobilize resources and engage the community to support families with a child facing chronic or life-threatening illness. All proceeds raised benefit the Pearce Family Foundation's main initiative, Angels Around Us of AZ, to help ease the burdens of daily life so these courageous families can focus solely on their child's journey to get well.

Boost A Foster Family
To provide assistance for Arizona foster families and those seeking foster care licensure.

Borderlands Produce Rescue
The mission of Borderlands Produce Rescue is to rescue produce and in turn improve the quality of peoples' lives, by addressing their most basic of needs - accessibility to nutritious fresh produce and living in a healthy environment. For 24 years BPR has rescued approximately 32 million pounds of produce annually that ordinarily would go to a landfill and distributes it to more than 92,000 AZ households, plus residents in 24 other states and 75 cities.

Borderlands Restoration Network
To foster ecological and cultural place-based learning and leadership, restore and support healthy, regenerating water sources and flourishing plant and animal communities, and support prosperous borderland communities by expanding a vibrant restoration economy.

Onward Hope, Inc.
Onward Hope's vision is to enable at-risk youth and young adults to realize their full potential, while becoming the leading transition and permanency services corporation in Arizona. We are committed to improving and assisting the successful transition of at-risk young people to independent adulthood and supporting resilient families, by connecting them to resources, a supportive network, and permanency solutions.

Anytown Leadership Program, Inc.
Anytown Leadership Camp is the premier diversity, leadership and social-justice program in Arizona - empowering youth to become change-agents in their schools and in their communities. As a leading catalyst and facilitator of community change, Anytown Leadership Camp provides youth leadership development while embracing and celebrating a diverse society.

Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation
The mission of the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) is to cultivate a healthy and stigma-free society through transformative action.

Educational Enrichment Foundation
Providing resources to expand and enrich student learning in the Tucson Unified School District.

Foster Arizona
Our mission is to educate, empower and encourage Arizonans to have a positive impact on the lives of kids in foster care.

Tucson Cancer Conquerors
Tucson Cancer Conquerors, Inc. is a 501(c)3 all-volunteer organization dedicated to empowering cancer survivors and the communities that support them to achieve optimal wellness.

Enviroinsight Inc
The mission of Enviroinsight is to provide demonstrations and instruction to people of various ages about the environment and various aspects of it, eg. flower and shrubbery gardening for energy and water conservation; growing pesticide-free food; indoor plantings, composting; natural lawn care; finding and managing mold and dust inside the house and outside; managing drinking water; AZ creeks, rivers and lakes; wellhead protection; water conservation; solid waste management and workplace safety

STARS - Changing lives through opportunity
Improving the lives of individuals with developmental and cognitive disabilities.

Pima County Tucson Women's Commission
To expose, eliminate and prevent discrimination against women, and to assist women in attaining full equality of opportunity in all aspects of life.