Scottsdale Neighborhood Arts Place, (SNAP)

Scottsdale Neighborhood Arts Place, or "SNAP" as it is referred to, has a mission to explore, express, and experience creativity in all its forms through stimulating learning opportunities within a transforming community.

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More About Us

If you love the arts and want to know your generous arts donation is going to the right place, then SNAP is your perfect fit!

Rest assured that every dollar donated through AZ Gives to our organization will land into the hands of local deserving students and participants in your community. SNAP will gift or provide scholarships for these students, who want to learn an instrument, take an arts class or attend an arts event or summer camp at our location. SNAP has low rental rates for our lovely arts rooms and spaces to maintain affordability for our professional instructors.
Many on-site instructors are affiliated with the Phoenix Opera Orchestra or Phoenix Symphony, while our Tango instructors frequently are world famous!

All the arts are represented and supported within our organization. We regularly host rehearsals for another local nonprofit, Act One Youth Theater and have been a repeat local site hosting a nation-wide summer offering of, "Camp Jam", which brings professional Rock and Roll instructors to Arizona for youth summer camps.

From Comedy Troupe's to Opera and Tango to Yoga with Theater and Art thrown in for seasoning; SNAP whips up the arts in our community with accessibility, affordability and quality ingredients.

Come participate as a student, or create a class as an instructor; become a part of our local arts family and "welcome to SNAP"!

We provide a beautiful on-site space for artists, theater troupes, music ensembles and very qualified arts professionals who hold regular classes and individual instruction. We support and encourage arts events and programming as well as rehearsals and performances.
SNAP has a small board of dedicated staff that maintain office & on-site operations, vision toward the future and plan for success on a regular basis.

Visit our website ( and take your time reading about our history, then find what interests you and discover the arts in your local community.

Address: 4425 N. Granite Reef Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
AZ State Tax Credit Info: No Arizona Tax Credit
Alliance Member?: No
Service Areas: Maricopa
An average of 4000 participants have yearly frequented our campus to enjoy the arts.
We have so many testimonials of joy and happy arts experiences there just isn't enough space to highlight them all!