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At WHI of Arizona, we treat women and families impacted by Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorders (PMADs). PMADs are never an isolated problem to be dealt with as an individual. We believe in a collaborative approach that involves the entire family. Our treatment programs include couples counseling, support groups, psychiatry, healthy family home visits, and more. It is our vision for ALL women and families to have access to specialized quality care around pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting.

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Why is this important?
1. Untreated maternal mental health is the number one predictor for future behavioral, emotional, and cognitive development in children
2. PMAD's are the number one complication of pregnancy
3. Highest divorce rate is the first year postpartum
4. Untreated parents tend to have more unfavorable parenting styles
5. 10% of dads suffer from postpartum depression
6. Can become a chronic mental health issue if untreated
7. Social support is the number 1 protective factor

We offer specialized treatment and support for maternal mental health disorders. Our highly-trained team includes peer perinatal coaches who walk alongside women and their families helping to navigate the available resources community wide. They collaborate with our therapists to ensure best practice treatment for ALL moms and families. Our focus is on meeting the needs of underserved and/or uninsured pregnant, postpartum and parenting families.

Address: 1166 E. Warner Rd. ste. 218
Gilbert, AZ 85296
AZ State Tax Credit Info: No Arizona Tax Credit
Alliance Member?: Yes
Service Areas: Maricopa
Dear #######

I wanted to take the time to say a special thank you to all involved in the development and delivery of this crucial 6 week program to those who need it including myself. I spent the better part of 2016 in therapy for PTSD (while I was pregnant with my second child) and I truly believe that I received more help over the 5 weeks that I participated in the program among the other new moms & led by Michelle.The sessions were structured enough to promote deep thought, positive thinking, discovery and healing whilst in a safe environment. My only wish is that the program could be longer by at least another 6 weeks.

Thank you for the opportunity to confront what was really bothering me and to learn from others going through similar experiences and to making new friends. Thank you for the tools that Michelle openly shared. Throughout the sessions I felt comfortable and confident in her skill and professionalism-her leadership guided me onto a path of healing and I can feel myself starting to let go of my grief, anger and other negative feelings. I believe that my participation in this program will allow me to give the best of myself to my children which is what I so desperately wanted to do but I was struggling so much that I did not know where to start. I now feel more empowered and better equipped to embrace this very important role.

Several moms from my group continue to meet and bond and life is just a little easier and enjoyable.

Please keep up this very important work. Your efforts are as important as the nurses, midwifes, OB's, etc. who assist to bring our babies safely into the world.

Warm Regards,