Incentive Prizes & Rules

2019 - 86 Opportunities For Your Organization To Win a Cash Prize!

Arizona Gives Day participants have the opportunity to win $180,000 in incentive prizes in 2019. (as of 2.19.19)

Prizes are based on a variety of qualifications and are outlined in more detail on our Prize Rules page. Many new categories and opportunities have been added these past two years and the chances of winning a prize increased. There are 86 opportunities for nonprofits of all sizes to win. Nonprofit size categories are based on the following:

2019 Incentive Prizes - At A Glance & Details

Performance Prizes - An organization can only win one of these prizes. 

Bonus Prizes - An organization can potentially win one prize from each of the three Bonus Prize categories, either on their own or in addition to a Performance Prize. ‚Äč

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