Incentive Prizes & Rules

More than $1.05 Million in Incentive Prizes have been awarded since 2013!

Arizona Gives Day participants had the opportunity to win $180,000 in incentive prizes in 2018. 

In 2018, many new categories were created with 74 opportunities for nonprofits of all sizes to win. The documents below provides both an overview of the incentive prizes as well as detailed rules information. 

2018 Incentive Prizes - At A Glance 

2018 Incentive Prizes - Overview & Rules  

Nonprofit size categories were based on the following in 2018:


Performance Prizes - An organization can only win one of these prizes. 

Bonus Prizes - An organization can win up to two Bonus Prizes, either on their own or in addition to a Performance Prize.


Incentive Prizes Sponsored By: