RENEW is a nonprofit organization that brings personal development to children around the world to help them learn to love themselves and live their dreams from an early age.

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RENEW workshops provide young people with the social and emotional skills they need to overcome their limiting beliefs, discover their potential and start living in their greatness.

Since founding in Tanzania in 2013, RENEW has reached more than 1,500 students throughout the country. After launching in the US in 2016, the program has already reached more than 100 children, and continues to expand.

Address: 10 Arch Dr
Sedona, AZ 86361
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Alliance Member?: No
Service Areas: Yavapai, Maricopa
"Today I have learned about how to set a goal in my life and I discovered my dream. I know that in my life I can be an important person in this world. I learned also the ways that I can use to achieve my goal. I got the best methods of planning and managing to reach my goal."

"RENEW helped me build some skills...I need to learn how to appreciate myself more. I wanna be the guy who brings smiles to peoples' faces."

"I think RENEW was fun and inspiring. I wish we could do it again. It made me think outside the box. I feel more confident."

"The RENEW workshop taught me how to love myself more, not to worry about what other people think of me. It taught me that if someone's mean to you, it's actually not how they feel about you."

"It let me see myself as let me see who I truly am."