Reach for the STARs

Our mission is to transform the way women do business through collaboration and community. We are seeking scholarship funds to cultivate and support female entrepreneurship through enrollment in our transformative Female CEO Program. Our program is designed to make a difference and give each woman-owned business a chance to thrive while cultivating future female business leaders in our community. Reach for the STARs is a fiscally sponsored project of Silver Lining Riding 501c3.

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More About Us

The Reach for the STARs Female CEO Program is run by Starshine Communities, Inc., an Arizona Benefit Corporation creating collaborative business communities resulting in positive personal, social and economic impact across the Valley. Our StarshineAZ Communities are designed to foster the sharing of resources to provide solutions for your business and to support YOU, the woman behind the business!

Address: 6801 N Glen Harbor Blvd. #200
Glendale, AZ 85307
AZ State Tax Credit Info: No Arizona Tax Credit
Alliance Member?: No
Service Areas: Maricopa
"StarshineAZ offers women entrepreneurs a place to work among like-minded women, a place to hold private client meetings, a place to host workshops, a place to learn from expert speakers about business tools & techniques and about how to support the woman behind the business. There's a lot to say about the Premier co-op and co-working space in the West Valley. And the best part is that the co-founders, Susan F. Moody and Leeanne Gardner, are amazing role models who walk their talk and lead by example. I'm grateful for their vision to create such an empowering space for those of us who are the CEOs (Chief Everything Officers) of our entrepreneurial venture." Maria Tomas-Keegan, Women's Transition Coach

"Love these ladies! They are very supportive of women in business and workshops that help you continue to learn as business women." Andrea Jefferson, Spa810

"I work from home and sometimes need a place to go to concentrate and focus on my work. This is a great space to get some work done or meet with a client. The ambiance is relaxing, the space is beautiful and calm. The women involved with StarshineAZ are great. Susan and Leeanne are supportive and welcoming." Jennifer Metro, Metro Internet Marketing

"Leeanne and Susan are a powerful team! They describe their dynamic as Leeanne being the 'Passion and Purpose Gal' and Susan as the 'Make It Happen Gal'. That was definitely my experience when I had a VIP session with them in an effort to find clarity, inspiration and confidence with regards to starting my own new business venture. They tag teamed and helped me discover a niche market that really speaks to my passion and goals! I went into the session with a very broad view of who my target clients would be and they guided me to a laser focus on who my ideal clients actually are. With their guidance during my session, I also found the inspiration and confidence to pursue my dream!!! I cannot thank them enough!" Dawn W, Aspiring Entrepreneur

"Incredible energy and so supportive. Women lifting women up in business for success! You do not have to do it alone. StarshineAZ has created a powerful community of business women who help each other. We also help keep each other accountable to attain our goals." Raquel Perez, Body Mind, Soulicious

"Leeanne Gardner and Susan F. Moody authentically provide support, resources, inspiration for local business women to build and grow their gifts. It is refreshing to be amongst women who genuinely want to connect and help you grow your business." Len Jefferson-Springer, Len's Kitchen

"Great support, inspiration, and guidance for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs. I highly recommend a test drive by touring their Glendale and Peoria locations, meeting some of the current members and attending a workshop." Linda Burridge, Next Act Solutions