Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary

The Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary is a non-profit organization that supports the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park. The PGMA is an affiliate organization of Pueblo Grande Museum. A volunteer board serves as the governing authority for the Auxiliary and is responsible for its fiscal and operational management.

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The PGMA exists to bring together people with an interest in the conservation and preservation of prehistoric resources, specifically, the heritage of Arizona prehistory and that of the Salt River Valley; to assist Pueblo Grande Museum and staff in dispersing educational materials; to provide lecturers and tour guides; to assist in the preparation of exhibits, library cataloging and management, collection management, curatorial and conservation techniques, records management and research; and to organize, publicize and promote activities, events and fund raising for the Pueblo Grande Museum. 

Address: 4619 East Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 84034
AZ State Tax Credit Info: No Arizona Tax Credit
Alliance Member?: No
Service Areas: Maricopa
Susan R from Tripadvisor.com - February 2017
"Prehistoric Desert Farmers"
This museum, not too far from the Phoenix Airport, is a gem. The museum is devoted to the Hohokam people, almost certainly the ancesters of many Native American groups still alive today. The Hohokam were a farming people who lived in what is today central and southern Arizona and northern Mexico, starting about the turn of the current era. By extraordinary use of an astonishing system of canals, they turned the desert into lush green farmlands and thriving villlages, one of which has left its remains at the site of Pueblo Granda, which the city of Phoenix has preserved as a museum and archaeologic park. Give yourself about 30-45 minutes to follow the outdoor trail of history, including the remains of an oval, bowl-shaped "ballcour," which may have been used for games or, perhaps, religious rituals. Then, depending on how thoroughly you want to learn about these fascinating people, spend about another hour or so going through the museum. There's a lovely interactive children's section, too, and a nice gift shop with terrific books and other items to remember your time spent with the Hohokam.