PIMA COUNTY TEEN COURT -- a program of Pima Prevention Partnership

Reducing Juvenile Crime and Positively Engaging Youth through:
- Restorative Justice
- Law-Related Education
- Positive Peer Influence

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More About Us

More than 7,500 teens have been defendants in Pima County Teen Court since 1995. Recidivism (re-arrest) of teens who complete the Teen Court program is only 11%! That equals 6,497 youth saved from further criminal involvement because of their involvement in Teen Court.

Serving Tucson and the entire Pima County, Teen Court is a peer-led juvenile court diversion program of the Pima Prevention Partnership, a 501(c)(3).

Four important groups are served by Teen Court:
• teen defendants who have committed misdemeanors or felonies…if approved by the county attorney
• families of defendants
• teen volunteers who learn about the law and the justice system through their service with Teen Court
• communities of Pima County

All participants at Teen Court are teens except the judge…
• defense attorneys are teens
• prosecutors are teens
• bailiffs are teens
• jurors are teens
All teen attorneys, jurors, bailiffs and clerks are volunteers trained by Teen Court to work in real teen hearings. Our teen jurors determine the sentences (consequences) in real teen cases. Our teen volunteers, many of whom are former defendants, develop leadership skills that can be applied to employment opportunities and educational pursuits. They contribute more than 5,500 hours of service each year to the program. Adult volunteers from the legal community (attorneys, judges, etc.) guide the training programs, serve as judges at hearings, coach teen attorneys and give the teen volunteers access to the inner workings of the justice system.

Who are defendants at Teen Court?
Defendants are youths age 12-17 who have been arrested - and admitted guilt - for crimes approved for diversion by the Pima County Juvenile Court. Referrals are made by probation officers. Last year, 92% of defendants completed the consequences assigned by their teen jury.
During their Teen Court hearing, defendants:
• account for the behavior that led up to their arrest
• receive feedback from teen peers on how to repair the harm they caused
• are sentenced by the teen jury to complete a set of constructive consequences, which address the harm caused by their crimes, restore relationships and increase participants' knowledge and skills

Positive peer influence and parental involvement drive the Teen Court program. Constructive consequences include a variety of educational workshops for defendants and their families that are assigned based on the need, such as:
• substance abuse prevention
• anger management
• shoplifting and theft prevention
• goal-setting

Your tax-deductible donation to Pima County Teen Court will help us continue to change teen lives in a positive way. Donate today to help us help them. And consider forwarding this link to your friends and family, encouraging them to support Teen Court.

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"I felt it was good because I got to talk to other teens and parents who were in similar situations and I was not judged."
- Josh I, age 15, former defendant

"I love helping! The training helped with stage fright and now I can talk in front of people. That helped in school, too."
- Iris L, age 15, Teen Attorney

"Service to my country has always been a driving force in my personal life. Through my work with Teen Court, I instantly and continuously recognized the impact one can have in other people's lives."
- Jovan, AmeriCorps Member