[nueBOX] supports artists in the creation of interdisciplinary, collaborative, and research-based art which involves and educates the arts community. Through our process-oriented residency program, we provide artists with time and space to develop their work. We believe in making the artistic process transparent, inviting, and economically accessible. Our programming invites the arts community to be vulnerable and engage in shared experiences that are informative, memorable, and honest.

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More About Us

nueBOX] is a non-profit residency program for local artists interested in the exploring their own creative process. We push the artist outside of the BOX, and bring the community inside. The program provides talented artists with a place to rehearse, develop installations, discuss works-in-progress, and showcase new work. Unlike traditional visual arts galleries or performance venues that provide space to showcase a final product, we focus on the process, and facilitates opportunities for idea development and iteration. Structured critiques expose the making of art by emphasizing discussion and observation of the creative process in a way that involves, educates, and informs both the artist and the community.

Phoenix is the 6th largest city in the United States, but does not have enough opportunities for artists to participate in collaborative and research-based art-making for performance and installation-based artists. In a survey of art students in Phoenix, 61% were considering leaving the city after graduation because other cities provide artists with more opportunities. [nueBOX] aims to cultivate a culture that values the process of artistic work, and gives artists a reason to stay in the valley.

There are several things that [nueBOX] provides artists that other arts organizations do not offer in Phoenix. The most important of provisions include free, clean, and safe space for exhibition, workshop, rehearsal, and performance. Further, we provide artists with opportunities to receive valuable feedback through-out the creation of a new work. Members of the community will be encouraged to attend artist showings of works-in-progress and participate in Liz Lerman's Critical Response feedback sessions. Our goal is for artists to find new ways of conceptualizing performance and media installation, and to create a participatory audience that is informed of the artistic practice.

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