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Smiles Beyond The Bars

Smiles Beyond the Bars embraces formerly incarcerated women and men who have begun the process of changing their lives through the gift of a smile. In partnership with the finest professionals in the dental community, we extend comprehensive dental service to our candidates. Smiles gives its recipients not just a new smile, but a chance to help themselves. Smiles collaborates with other like-minded organizations providing services enabling people to change their lives.

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Common Questions

For a FULL list of frequently asked questions– click HERE.

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, you will be sent an electronic tax receipt with a list of each organization you gave to via the email address you provide.

What does Arizona Gives do with my contact information?

Arizona Gives does not share or sell donor information to any other organization or third party, but does reserve the right to communicate with donors for the purpose of user surveys/newsletters, Arizona Gives information and general education about philanthropy.