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Diablo Trust

Diablo Trust is proud of our continued community education, primarily through our newsletter, Ground Truth, which is published three times a year and distributed to over 1200 recipients via email and USPS, in addition to being found in multiple local Flagstaff businesses.

We always have at least two feature articles, covering topics like conservation ethics on the ranches, interesting wildlife in the area, local businesses who benefit from the public lands, and the lifecycle of a cow!

Regular segments in Ground Truth include a look at rangeland plants, an overview of interesting wildlife, book reviews from the Diablo Trust book club, an introduction to new community members, an update from one of our participating ranches, calendar event reviews, humorous essays by an outdoorsman, and some words of wisdom from a cowboy on the Flying M Ranch!

With more funding, we will be able to educate more people in Flagstaff and the surrounding area about the facts and benefits of sustainable cattle ranching, holistic resource management, and collaborative land management. We are an educational group, and this newsletter (and our blog) are some of our most popular ways to educate the public!

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