A Loving Heart, Inc

"Our mission is to help change lives of the needy through prayer, encouragement, and love. We believe that with our commitment and servant attitude, and the building of relationships, we will be able to touch the lives of those who feel unloved and undervalued

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More About Us

We have seen many people become successful and productive citizens in the community with the help of our organization. We provide for the tangible and intangible needs of those who are homeless and people in need. Our organization first provides the tangible needs and work to build relationships with those we are helping. We also provide encouragement and hope; in turn, helping to build self esteem and positive attitudes to press forward and strive for a better quality of life. We also provide information on resources that can help individuals overcome addictions, find housing and find jobs. Another area of our organization also helps parents set up goals to regain custody of children that were taken from them because of various reasons. Overall, our goal is to help those in need so they can turn their lives around and be the light to others who have gone down the wrong path or going through hardships.

Address: 8341 W Holly St
Phoenix, AZ 85037
AZ State Tax Credit Info: No Arizona Tax Credit
Alliance Member?: No
Service Areas: Maricopa
Our organization has seen families reunite, people getting off the street into homes, overcoming his or her addiction of drugs and/or alcohol. We have seen people go from totally desperate and broken to people with joy and hope. Many people tell us that just the food box they got for a few months got them through a time when they lost their jobs and had only enough to pay their rent, but had no money for food for their families. What a blessing it is to help those who are broken and lost find the joy God has for them.