5 Rivers International

Our mandate is to release the Presence and Knowledge of Jesus Christ among unreached people groups of South Asia, promoting church planting and transformational revival.

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More About Us

5 Rivers International accomplishes our mission in ways such as:

-Mobilizing teams for prayer journeys throughout South Asia to bring spiritual breakthrough and open new regions for church planting.

-Forming partnerships with local Christian leaders and organizations that work in these regions.

-Conducting leadership conferences bringing repentance, humility and unity, creating sustained cooperation in advancing the Kingdom of God.

-Conducting revival conferences for the purpose of strengthening the believers, releasing the presence of God and bringing accelerated growth to the churches.

-Financially supporting the building of prayer halls creating a physical and spiritual power point and a safe place to worship.

-Providing transportation for pastors helping them become more effective in their ministries.

-Helping Christians establish small businesses that will help them become more self-sustaining.

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"How many villages are in these mountains"?
"There are thousands of villages in these mountains, Pastor."
"How many Christians are in those villages"?
"There are no Christians there, Pastor."
"No, Pastor, there are no Christians there. When we ask them if they know Jesus, they say 'No, who is He? We have never
met Him. He has never come here.' They have no idea who Jesus is, Pastor."

It took a moment for this to register in my mind, then it began to penetrate my Spirit...thousands of villages...tens of
thousands of people who have never once heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How could this be? Then, to think this
same picture was duplicated hundreds of times throughout the mountains of North India...I just wanted to weep...and GO!
-Dan Taylor
Founder, 5 Rivers International