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Helping parents and other family members navigate the drama and chaos of a loved ones addiction in their lives.

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Over 20 million US families are impacted by addiction.Tragically, sadly these numbers are growing. When a loved one is struggling with an addiction, the entire family is affected. From parents, to siblings, to distant relatives, addiction touches the entire family. 100Pedals CEO, Dave Cooke knows firsthand how a child's addiction impacts the family dynamic. Arising out of his journey with his youngest child's heroin addiction, Dave has learned the hard lessons about addiction in the family and he has converted these experiences into productive programs to help other families navigate their lives despite the chaos and drama of a loved one's addiction.

How our coaching and educational programs work:
1. Provide parents with a more effective way of communicating with their child
• Responding not reacting to the situation
• Understanding their child and the issue
• Superior emotions (love, gentleness, detachment, peace) over inferior ones (fear, doubt, anger)

2. Help parents create a healthy separation with constructive boundaries
• It's not about them
• Begin with forgiveness and unconditional love, and stay there
• Remove the pressure of their expectations and demands

3. Engage parents in working on their own personal recovery program
• Actively embrace self-care - lists, meditation, writing, exercise, diet
• Interrupt existing unhealthy and toxic parental patterns
• Live a life in personal balance = physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual health

"Many parents struggle to cope with the issue of their child's addiction because they are operating from a place of fear, shame, and guilt. As a result, they cannot come into the situation from a place of healthy balance. Once I constructively did the work on myself, I was a much better dad and husband. It completely altered the dynamic in our interactions with the regard to my son's addiction." ~ Dave Cooke, CEO and Board Chair, 100Pedals, Inc.

• Coaching
• Workshops, seminars, keynote events
• 2016 Cycling for Recovery - Last year Dave Cooke went on a 2,500 mile cross country cycling trip. He started in Santa Monica, CA, rode the entire length of Route 66 to Chicago, IL and finished in his old hometown of Detroit, MI. Along the way, he spoke to over four hundred parents, family members, and people in recovery about his lessons learned.
• 2017 Cycling for Recovery - This year Dave Cooke is repeating his cycling adventures with a similar trip, a 3,000 mile cross country cycling trip from Charleston, SC to San Diego, CA. This time he will be recording much of the impromptu interactions that occur while he is riding; plus, participate in over twenty speaking events to over 1,000 people along the way. Dave finds that he generates much needed grassroots community awareness from these campaigns while providing hope, love, and encouragement for those struggling with the issue of addiction in their lives.

Contact Information: Dave Cooke
586.201.9057 cell
602.903.2074 office

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Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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"Thank you for presenting things in a loving, no-nonsense way. I am thankful for your work and passion. I hope it blesses many more parents in 2017" ~ Heather

"Thank you so much for sharing your story and how you use your experiences to help others." ~ Anita

"Dave once again thank you so much. You have such a great way with words and understanding. You are such a help to me thank you again." ~ Carol

"Your advice has meant so much to me. Thank you for your continual support. Having someone like you to talk my feelings out with has given me strength and even joy. Prayers and much gratitude to you for helping lift the burden of so many families. You are the best!! ~ Johanna