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Helping parents and family members navigate the chaos of a loved ones addiction.

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Over 20 million US families are impacted by addiction.The number of families continue to grow.
100Pedals' founder, Dave Cooke, is the father of a family affected by addiction. His youngest son, is in a ten-year journey with a heroin addiction.
From his first-hand experiences, he knows the challenges for parents and family members struggling to navigate the chaos of a loved one's addiction.

100Pedals was formed to help provide parents and family members access to the resources they need to navigate their way through addiction's challenges.
Here is a list of our resources:
1. Individual and group coaching and programs for parents and loved ones:
The format is flexible and informal to encourage parents to reach out, engage, and share the struggles in their journeys.
From there, we provide guidance and help develop responses to the immediate issues families are dealing with.
This is not a generic, one-size fits all approach as every situation is uniquely different and presents their own special challenges.
2. Workshops and Seminars:
Addiction 101 - What is substance abuse disorder and what every parent needs to know, first;
Healing through Listening - How to communicate with your child in a manner which rises above the noise and maintains connection;
Defining and Honoring Healthy Boundaries - Helping parents define, communicate, and honor healthy boundaries. A critical component for navigating addiction's chaos in the family.
3. Full Family Therapy:
In conjunction with an addiction coach, 100Pedals offers a program where the loved one and the parents can receive the individual support and attention they need, while also bringing everyone together for periodic group interactions to bring healing and understanding to the respective recovery processes.
4. Blogs and Podcast:
Every Tuesday (blog) and Thursday (podcast), Dave Cooke shares perspectives from his journey or insights shared in his coaching sessions with parents. Through these programs, Dave has connected with over 100,000 people and provided them a ray of hope, a nugget of wisdom, or a new way of thinking to help them with their family's addiction struggle.
5. Cross Country Cycling Trips:
Over the past 7 years, Dave has taken 100Pedals on the road, traveling over 37,000 miles on his bike in 33 states, including cycling all of Route 66 (2500 miles) from Santa Monica, CA to Chicago, IL. Along the way, Dave has informal interactions with people along the road, plus making formal presentations at churches, recovery and treatment facilities, and parent and neighborhood organizations. These bike trips have helped Dave connect to over 10,000 in addiction, recovery, or in families struggling with a loved one's addiction.

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"You are the first person my husband can relate to" ~ Sandy

"Thank you for your words of truth and encouragement." ~ Cindy

"David Cooke knows there is a way to find peace in the chaos. Always helping parents gain control of their own lives in the midst of the storm." ~ Anita

"Please keep in mind, you are making a difference and thank you!" ~ Heidi

"Thank you for presenting things in a loving, no-nonsense way. I am thankful for your work and passion. I hope it blesses many more parents in 2017" ~ Heather

"Thank you so much for sharing your story and how you use your experiences to help others." ~ Anita

"Dave once again thank you so much. You have such a great way with words and understanding. You are such a help to me thank you again." ~ Carol

"Your advice has meant so much to me. Thank you for your continual support. Having someone like you to talk my feelings out with has given me strength and even joy. Prayers and much gratitude to you for helping lift the burden of so many families. You are the best!! ~ Johanna